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Chaîne de transmission

Production of transmission chains

Chaîne de transmission agricole

Producer of agriculture transmission chains

Chaînes de four de ciment

Manufacturing of chains steel resistant in high temperatures for industrial use

Chaîne dragline

Production of Drag-line Chains

Chaîne de pêche

Production of chains for fishing

Chaîne de levage

European manufacturer of lifting chains

Chaîne de levage

European manufacturer of lifting chains

Crochet de levage

Accessories for the slings of lifting

Our commitments quality

We strive to offer the best quality possible for our customers

  • Chaînes sans étais

    180 years experience in the manufacture of chains

  • Elingue chaîne un brin

    Products adapted to your needs

  • Poulie

    A demanding quality policy

Who are we?

European manufacturer of welded chains

Since more than 180 years the company DAVAINE CHAINS specializes in the manufacture of welded link chains for agriculture, industry, maritime and fishing.

DAVAINE CHAINES recognized for its historical expertise and distributes its products in France and abroad.

From standard or custom, our round welded chains, which are high quality, resistant and reliable products. Furthemore, DAVAINE CHAINES can propose chains and accessories in various steel qualities ranging from diameter 5mm to 70 mm.

DAVAINE CHAINES remains today the leading supplier of lifting chains in alloyed steel , transmission high wear resistant chains for use in agricultural or industrial applications. We also product marine chains for fishing industry, mooring, anchoring or ballasting buoys.

With its deep technical expertise, DAVAINE CHAINES is recognized to provide the best for its clients to help them define their needs perfectly.

Our products

Transmission chains – Sling chains for lifting – Open link – Chains for marking buoys

Chaîne élévateur à godet


Depending on the needs of our customers we are in capacity to adapt to different application domains. We manufacture transmission chains for industrial handling equipment, lifting chaind assembled by welding or with mecanical joining devices. Calibrated chains for manual or electric hoists but also stainless steel chains for chemical or food industry, Kiln Chain for cement plant and paper pulp mills and finally marine chains for anchoring or mooring.

You will find in our catalog on our retail chains such as DIN 766 chains, chains DIN 764 and DIN 22252 chains.

Our chains are ISO-CERTIFIED AND NF-CERTIFIED: Chains NF E 26020, Chains NF E 26011, Chains NF E 26012, Chains NF M 81636, Chains ISO 610, Chains ISO4565

Accessoire de levage


To offer a complete service to our clients we offer a range of accessories to accompany our chain. You will find in our catalog our various links of connections, chain wheel for chain, special stirrups. We also have a wide range of lifting hooks or hooks screed and claw hooks.

Our accessories are according to the standards agrements : Master link according to DIN 5688, Master link assembly according to DIN 5688, Simple shank hook according to DIN15401, Double shank hook according to DIN 15402, Lifting eye nuts DIN 582, Lifting eye nuts DIN 580, connecting link according to DIN 22253, Stirrup DIN 745, Stirrup DIN 5699.

Chaîne spéciale

On measure

The strength of our company is to be flexible on the manufacture of special products. DAVAINE CHAINS is able to manufacture custom chains as needed and uses corresponding to particular characteristics. For all requests for special chains, thank you to contact us directly.

Through our technical alloys steels, we offer our products to high-strength steel, refractory steel and stainless steel.